OXXO(R) Care Dry Cleaners Expanding Nationwide


From the Hispanic Business Newswire we have learned of a new service business franchise that has all the markings of being TreeHugger .or would that be "uno quién abraza árboles?" The apt headline is: "Florida's eco friendly Laundry Franchise, OXXO(R) Care Cleaners Going Nationwide." Key OXXO(R) features are:- use of environmentally safe GreenEarth solvents (liquid silicones) instead of Percholorethylene, - 24/7 ATM-style drop off and pick up service, - European manufactured garment care equipment, and - use of hand ironing instead of steam presses. By eliminating perc, and thereby obviating the need for the traditional system of the industrial boiler and vapor reclamation piping, the franchise has been able to gain acceptance in shopping malls, which traditionally would resist drycleaners due to the heat and solvent odor issues.OXXO(R) has sold twenty-five franchises in South Florida alone, and is exporting the brand to New York, New Jersey, California and Washington D.C. Other features: ironing is done in the store window, boutique style. Shirt pressing utilizes Italian machines, which simulate the shape of mannequins and blow hot air from within.

General Electric Company is the solvent supplier. From the GreenEarth website:

"Green Earth Cleaning has partnered with General Electrics silicon division to develop the cleaning process and to create a patented, environmentally-safe detergent called J101 for the new silicon solvent. The patented Green Earth Cleaning System is reported to be environmentally safe. Accidental silicone solution spills decompose into sand, water and carbon dioxide and do not release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are deleterious to the ozone layer. The silicone cleaning solution does not require regulation under any of the hazardous waste laws and it does not present the health risks that PERC and other petroleum-based cleaning solvents pose. People with chemical sensitivities to dry cleaning are reported to be able to use the silicon-based Green Earth Cleaning system without problems".