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Images from Quolomo

Tired of the good-old greenish designs here on Treehugger? Well, it is Valentine's Day. Quolomo has the "contemporary t-shirt design from Tokyo". The main characters of 'CROWS', Hiroshi Takahashi's gritty, best-selling manga, have found their way off the pages of comic books and into the worlds of film and collectable figures. Here is the one of the four heavenly kings of CROWS, 'BITOH TATSUYA'. 100% Organic cotton version. Limited. But there is more, much more:So, organic cotton is no longer only for the consumer who will only buy Amy's pizza and tofu.


Image from Quolomo

One of six limited edition photo tees featuring images from Aki Hoshino's photobook 'SNEAKER LOVER.' Shot in Hong Kong and Macau by ledgendary Japanese photographer, YONE aka Yasumasa Yonehara.


100% Organic cotton version. Limited. Sexy. What do you think? Does this belong to Treehugger or not?


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