Organic Maternity Lingerie: Is That Even Possible?

Peau Ethique Organic Babydoll Nursing Bra Photo
Peau Ethique Organic Babydoll Maternity Shorty Underwear Photo

Image via: Peau-Ethique

Looking for something soft and silky to wear to bed but feeling like there are not many options out there? And, you want it to be organic? Well, that used to be something of a challenge. Not anymore, thanks to Peau-Ethique and their pretty Babydoll collection.The nursing collection, referred to as Babydoll, has a belly band, several types of nursing bras and a pair of "pregnant shorty" underwear. While still not as "sexy" or "racy" as something you might find in Victoria's Secret, these underwear and nursing bra options, particularly since they are organic, are not bad. The one pink bra/shorty combo is cute with a little lace and a tiny bow affixed to one side. They are also "extremely soft" according to Peau-Ethique, which is what you want when you feel not so sexy.

Peau Ethique has been working hard to merge organic and sexy when it comes to undergarments and they don't just focus on maternity clothing. Their undies are also made using Fair-Trade principles working with partners in Turkey, Peru, India and Laos. Peau-Ethique is based in France but sells items in boutiques around the world. There are several underwear, lingerie and even childrens clothing lines under the Peau-Ethique label, including a section of organic nursing bras. Babydoll is the latest lingerie collection from Peau-Ethique and is advertised to be uber-soft and also make you feel pretty when you're feeling more elephant than minx. :Peau-Ethique
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