Organic EcoWool (and ... shhh, Possumdown)

If you would like your wool to be organic but are looking for something more suited to your jeans than a catwalk , take a peek at EcoWool. Shorn from Merino and Perendale sheep on New Zealand’s South Island, it is said to be the world's first knitwear certified by Bio Gro. This ensures that the sheep do not graze on pastures exposed to synthetic pesticides or herbicides. Nor are toxic chemicals used in the production process. The Raised Neck Sweater shown here is $299 NZ ($213 USD)

The company also offer garments made from 'Possumdown', a blend of merino wool and possum fur. Brushtail possums are a very cute, if often pesky, marsupial, when at home in their native Australia. But in New Zealand, with no natural predators, possum are a very dangerous feral animal, putting the native Kiwi flora and fauna at great risk to the point of extinction, in some instances. WWF support the culling of possums in NZ, to protect the very delicate natural balance there. The fur products are durable, biodegrable, as well as being very soft and warm. This jacket is $339 NZ ($242 USD) ::EcoWool [by WM]