Organic Cotton Fleece, via Spirit of Nature


Not something you come across everyday. Even here on TH where we have a half decent collection of green clothing, the only organic cotton fleece apparel that deemed to reveal itself from the vast archives was for a striped sweater and matching horse’s head! Perfect for very cute munchkins, but if your days of wearing faux animals are a fading memory, you might prefer these soft 100% organic fleece jackets (£38), and vests (on special £12). They use zippers free of nickel, which European studies have shown to be a skin irritant to a surprising number of people. Even if these are not quite your thing, fear not, Spirit of Nature have a broad range of other eco threads, including tops and pants made from blends of hemp and organic cotton (we were just talking about this material the other day), as well as hemp with yak wool. ::Spirit of Nature.