New Organic Baby Clothing Line Creates Classic, Vintage-Inspired Eco Fashion for Kids

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Sure, children outgrow their clothing but a new children's line wants your kids clothes to withstand the test of time--and multiple wears--and be passed down like heirlooms. Inspired by vintage styles, Judy Posey designs the Connecticut-based Little Esop clothing line with future generations in mind. Their first full collection for Fall 2011 is out this season and, now, it's officially available online with the launch of a new e-commerce site.

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little esop© Little Esop

“One of my main concepts for the brand is that the clothes should really stand the test of time, not only in terms of durability but also style and design,” Posey says, in a press release. Translation: Little Esop works with sustainable fabrics including organic cottons and wool to create a line of easy-to-wear children's clothing. From rompers and overalls to sweatshirts and hoodies, Little Esop wants your tike to be comfortable yet stylish, too.

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Posey's designs may remind you of things you've seen before: Pictionary Pants ($79), which were inspired by 1950s tennis shorts, boast decorative details like buttons and striped pockets; the Helicopter Jumper ($110) looks like a costume out of Hansel and Gretel; and the adorable wool Skipping Pants ($105) are part coal miner, part East Coast prep.

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Adding to the timelessness of the clothing, Posey produces "building blocks," clothing essentials for all seasons, alongside a seasonal collection. Comprised of dresses, onesies, tees and shorts, the building blocks are wardrobe staples that are versatile and functional. When it comes to price point, which ranges from $26 for a pair of organic cotton leggings up to $110 for a wool jumper, some of the pieces are clearly an investment.

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New Organic Baby Clothing Line Creates Classic, Vintage-Inspired Eco Fashion for Kids
Little Esop Launches online shop featuring classic, vintage-inspired clothing for little ones made with organic fabrics.

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