Oolsi Highlights DIY Tyre Sandals & Hemp Movie


James over at www.oolsi.com has set himself the formidable task of doing a modern day Whole Earth Catalog on the web, with the emphasis on stuff for free. He is particularly keen of posts about saving money, living cheaply, making things yourself, and self learning. Given that we have many readers of a similar bent, we suggest you wander by for a peek. You might find a post like this recent one, regarding how to make your own sports sandals from old truck tyres. Comes complete with history lesson, instructions and even a simple pattern to follow. And field tested to boot, on a 3 week backcountry trip, climbing 10,000’ mountains. Another gem found on oolsi is a link to a free viewing of the 14 minute, classic 1940s movie ‘Hemp for Victory’. More >Believe it or not, the US government made this flick to encourage American farmers to grow hemp (for the WWII effort), a practice of course now strictly illegal. How is that when the military needs a bunch of rope, it’s okay to grow hemp on US soil, but for anyone else it is very much forbidden? Seems what’s good for the goose, is obviously not the same for the gander. Most of the stuff James has, is certainly not as olde worlde style as these two links (we just fell for them, in moment of weakness. We'll return to normal cool and hip, green programming next post. Promise.) ::www.oolsi.com

PS: if you don't have the correct media player for the above movie, you can still check out the slideshow and transcript at Global Hemp.


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