Online: The Collage Foundation


The Collage Foundation states: "We believe the first step toward making a change lies in recognizing that things could be different than they are." Well yeah, that's true, but how do we do that? The answer is actually quite simple and it's also what we at Treehugger strive to do — educate. Collage targets today's youth and educates them about their role in the world and how they can make a difference in a number of ways. Environmental issues can be quite complex (sometimes it's even hard for us to understand it all) but Collage shows young people how to recognize problems, learn about how role models (like celebrities, scientists and artists) have responded and guides them to make their own informed decisions by presenting the information in fun and entertaining ways. The founder herself, Angela Lindvall, is one of the most recognizable models in the fashion industry today. Collage makes the possibility of making a positive impact on our future exciting. Topics in each online issue include people and travel as well as beauty, fashion and social tips. Currently featured on their site is Jenny Hwa of Loyale Clothing. ::The Collage Foundation [by KD]