Online Halloween Costume Swap for Kids Changes Goblins into Ghouls

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Image courtesy of ThredUp.

With fall upon us and the weather starting to cool, children have likely started fantasizing about Halloween costumes. Whether your child plans to dress as a goblin, a ghost, or a ghoulie, ThredUp's Halloween Costume Swap is an easy alternative to a disposable store-bought costume. Throughout the month of October, the online clothing swap platform will help you and your child locate the perfect outfit--without a fright. And if you'd rather swap your costume in-person, take part in National Clothing Swap Day this Saturday, October 9, at a location near you. How it works:
According to ThredUp, they have recycled over 50,000 pounds of children's clothing since their launch in spring of this year. The online swapping platform facilitates the clothing swap and takes care of all the details, so you don't have to.

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Image courtesy of ThredUp.

To take part in their Halloween Costume Swap--over 200 costumes have already been swapped--by following their details, below. From the website:

  1. Build a box of outgrown kids clothes and list it on Include a costume and flag it as a "Halloween Box."

  2. When someone picks your box, send it free of charge (thredUP sends you empty flat rate boxes at registration and even schedules home pick-up!)

  3. To find a costume for your child, browse boxes of kids clothes marked as "Halloween Boxes" - pick one you'd like to receive. Pay only $5, plus shipping and the box is sent right to your doorstep!

For viral swapping, visit ThredUp Halloween and for an in-person event, visit National Costume Swap to find a location near you.

Update: A former version of this article stated that National Costume Swap Day is on October 4, 2010; it is on October 9, 2010.

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