Nui Organics, for Baby

We don’t usually go gaga over the googoo gear, but Nui Organics 100% organic merino blankets and outfits are unavoidably cute. So here we go: Made from wool free of pesticides, formaldehyde, polyester, foams, dioxins and other additives (unlike wool treated to conventional manufacturing practices) Nui Organics raw materials even come from sheep that are grazed on pesticide-free land, are never sprayed or dipped, and are even fed on organically certified pastures. Cleaned with biodegradable agents before being carded and spun at a certified-organic mill, this wool is true to the Earth from tit to toe. And while it’s not surprising that the company uses only organic New Zealand merino, never adding any chemicals or conditioners, you may be somewhat surprised to learn that they don’t use any dyes at all—not even organic ones. The colors here are pure wool, au natural. Oh baby! ::Nui Organics [by MO]