Now You See It, Now You Don't: Safety Scarf for Cyclists

RF-Scarf Black During Daylight Photo
RF-Scarf Shiny At Night Photo

Image via: Dave Newkirk

Now with the drop in temperatures for places in the northern hemisphere, cyclists are going to need more layers and also more reflective gear as the sun goes down earlier and earlier. RF-Scarf now makes a scarf that comes in a sleek, black material that when exposed to bright light "magically" becomes reflective. It's a perfect accessory for walking commuters too.The scarf is made from a highly reflective material that is under a black matte mesh material. During daylight, the scarf is not reflective (photo #1), but at night when headlights or flashlights hit the scarf, it becomes highly reflective (photo #2). Plus, parts of the scarf are made from leftover trim and offcut fabric pieces from a clothing production house. The scarf itself also has a wide cut to easily cover your neck, mouth, but you'll have to keep the scarf over your jacket or you defeat the whole reflective purpose.

While this works for cyclists who need extra protection as they run the gauntlet down city streets, the scarf would also work well for pedestrians and commuters who take public transportation. The scarf would give the wearer an extra bit of visibility, especially when walking down city streets when the sun goes down by 5pm, but not be tacky to wear into an office as the reflective material would be invisible.

For more information on purchasing and pricing, you can contact the creator, Jesse.

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