Novacas Boots from Mooshoes

If the Aequa shoe-chic shock campaign reported at Treehugger got you thinking about alternatives to those patent leathers, here's an on-line shopping option that will bring the best of the "first cruelty free store of its kind" in New York direct to your doorstep. The Kristie boot shown here is featured as a favorite at Mooshoes. Imported from Novacas in Portugal, the boot is made in Europe in accordance with fair labor standards of the European Union. According to Novacas, the company "strives to contribute to a peaceful and compassionate world with its business practices." And at $109.95, the boot is priced competitively with any European footwear. A bit of a brain twister though: a company called Moo sells shoes made by "no cows" (the english translation of "Novacas"). I suppose in this case, "moo" translates as: "I'm still talking, not walking!"