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Last year we covered Nau's $10,000 Grant For Change program and followed up on the eventual winners, a documentary team Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy Steele, who tell arresting stories of how climate change is impacting forest fires in the US, as well as green education programs in US prisons.

For 2010, Nau, the chic yet practical outdoor/urban clothier, which a perchant for exemplary corporate responsibility, are again offering their $10,000 USD Grant For Change. The revision this year is that nominees show how they use 'design' "to instigate positive change; provide creative, compelling, effective, and replicable solutions to the world's most pressing challenges; and challenge assumptions about the way even the most basic things are done."

Nau acoustic versa jackets 2010 photo

Nau's own design for change, Acoustic and Versa Jackets. Photos: Daniel Sharp for Nau

If your project, endeavour, program, initiative fits that profile and you are legal U.S. resident, then get your nomination in by 10 June 2010. Nominations opened about a week ago and already about 30 are posted on Nau's dedicated Grant For Changewebpage. Last year over 280 projects were in the running.

In 2010, so far, they range from the likes of Nada Bike, (which we covered previously) to the Roots of Change Coperativa (small gardens and urban farms for healthy food in South Texas), N2e, Neighborhood Natural Energy (community-owned utility delivering heating, cooling and domestic hot water) and (eco solutions organised by city and category).

It matters not if you don't personally have a project to nominate, you can read up on the wonderful stuff others are doing and vote for the one that most floats your boat. Whilst you only get one vote, the number of nominations is left wide open. The more the merry, say Nau. Encourage others to nominate, learn and vote as well. Then towards the end of July 2010 the winning Grantee will be announced.

Aside from the grant to keep pursuing their goods works the final Grantee will also benefit from Nau helping to promote their project via their various media.

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