Nike Considered 2007: Take 'Em Outdoors


Nike has unveiled two new designs for their 2007 Considered line of shoes (see our previous posts about them here and here, along with this post about the company's efforts to be more sustainable), which the company has integrated in to its All Conditions Gear (ACG) group. The new designs are pared down, less experimental and more active than previous versions of the shoe; according to the designers, they are looking at a younger mindset and "want to target those who are more focused on having fun in the outdoors." The integration of Considered into ACG is the first step in designing all shoes in the line with the Considered approach, a move which will be completed by summer 2008. As for these two models, the "Water Cat" (above left) is a water shoe made with minimal materials while still maintaining proper heel, ankle and toe support (it's not supposed to be a sandal). The Soaker (on the right) is also a water shoe, but is designed with streetwear in mind as well. It uses fewer layers than many conventional shoes (the upper is a single layer of mesh, for example) and is built with "snap together tooling" which reduces toxic adhesives. Prices or availability is yet to be announced; to learn more, check out this interview with two Nike designers at Sneaker Freaker, and see Considered's site at Nike. ::Considered via ::Cool Hunting

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