New York City's textile recycling program reaches 1 million pound mark

new york city's re-fashioNYC program
via Housing Works

The textile recycling program re-fashioNYC has collected 1 million pounds of used clothing, towels and linens the Department of Sanitation announced today. Re-fashionNYC is run in partnership with the nonprofit Housing Works, which has a number of resale shops throughout the city. Roughly half of donations are go to Housing Work's stores, and the rest is sold to commercial textile recyclers.

The program's free donation bins distributed to apartment buildings and business have been particularly successful:

“Many buildings enroll in re-fashioNYC based on positive feedback from neighbors who already participate in the program,” said Commissioner Doherty. “One building manager expressed his satisfaction with the ‘seamless and totally transparent’ process and supers appreciate ’less clothing in the trash to clog the compactor.’”