New To Nau? Discount for Neophyte Eco-Clothing Customers

Nau winter line 2009 photo

Photo: Nau

' In any economic climate, it's natural to consider the price of the products we buy, and whether their value justifies their cost. We often receive comments regarding the prices for Nau products. One customer recently commented that, "The clothing is great and unique but the pricing is outrageous." ' So starts a discussion the outdoor-inspired, eco clothing company Nau, has on its website.

They continue, "We recognize, and regret, that for some customers our products will be too expensive. [...] That's because our prices don't reflect some arbitrary mark-up, but rather the true cost of making high-quality product."

It's an intriguing read about the True Cost of bringing a greener product to market. But what's equally as interesting is that Nau have offered new customers a special deal.

Nau NYC photo

Photo: Nau

It's a discount, applicable for 10% off anything at their online store, including sale items. How does it work? Simple really.

Visit the Nau website, and checkout their snappy line of clothing and bags, impeccably crafted from organic cotton, recycled polyester, down, mohair, merino wool and the like. Read up on the technical aspects of such products. After selecting a style and colour which should transcend fashion trends for many years to come, click through to the Shopping Cart. In the 'Order Summary' section enter the promo code of "NEW2NAU". Done.

But don't rush your visit. Take the time to read how Nau are striving to do Business Unusual.

Alternatively if you wanted to see their gear in person, could visit their new 'pop up' store in Soho, New York, which is open until the end of December 09, or one of their growing number of US (and Swiss!) bricks and mortar retailers.

Or you could buy a product from their Changing Room program at only 50% down, 'wear test' it for 30 days.Then return it for a full refund (freight included) or as Nau suspect you will love it -- hang on to it and pay out the remaining 50%.

So, if your old threads are wearing out, and you can't find good second-hand replacements at the local thrift shop, and need virginal clothes, consider new Nau.

Two caveats to bear in mind. One: The cut is generally quite tailored, best suited to those of a slenderish disposition. Two: Their stuff is morish, like salty peanuts. My credit card still feels bruised, even though I've been the beneficiary of the odd trade sample. But I expect I'll still be wearing the same garments in 10 or more years time, so I'll have had more than my money's worth.

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