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Having arrived in staggered releases, the Nau Fall 2010 line appears to now be complete. Unlike the heady days, four years ago, when the chic outdoor/urban brand of eco-clothing launched with more industry innovations than a porcupine has spikes, the ground-breaking is, these days, a tad more subdued.

But is still quite evident in garments such as the women's Splendor Trench and men's Rheostat Jacket (both pictured above), which do have something unique going for them.These two tops each have a seam sealed, waterproof/breathable shell made of 100% recycled polyester. They're lined in recycled polyester and filled with high lofting down. But what sets them apart, is that their outer shells are a knitted recycled fabric, not the usual woven cloth. This gives them inherent stretch, give, elasticity flexibility, ..., whatever you wish to call it. Either way, not a trait usually associated with down jackets.

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Dotted about elsewhere in the range are perky shades of spice red, amber and moss green to enliven the usual Nau palette of classic blend-in-anywhere greys, browns and almost blacks.

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The men's Binary field jacket has an organic cotton outer, lined with with a button-in felted wool vest. The Shroud of Purrin softshell series sees a men's blazer now get the bunny belly soft recycled polyester fleece lining. Whilst the women's Decypher jacket is crafted from 80% recycled polyester and 20% organic cotton.

The overall Nau line seems to be settling in, with many previous styles returning largely unchanged, with others having benefited from a revamp.

So often company's websites are just print catalogues rendered in digital form. Rarely do they take advantage of the talents of the internet to tell a better story. Nau, at least, do give this a whirl, with their new Side-by-Side feature. Four blazer style garments are presented in each gender. The reader can select two, three or four styles to compare against one another. Customers can then quickly scan across all the various attributes of each garments to see their relative differences. We imagine the feature will be rolled out for other styles of garments in the future.

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But Nau is not just about producing smart, functional apparel from environmentally benign materials. They also want to engage in broader issues of corporate ethics. For example, earlier this year they announced the winning recipient of their 2nd annual $10,000 Grant for Change. 124 nominees originally vied for the grant under the guise of projects related to Change by Design. Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney and their project Truck Farm, were the winning entrants.

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Using green-roof technology and heirloom seeds, the guys at Truck Farm converted an '86 Dodge pick-up truck into a traveling garden, complete with a working 20-member Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme. Truck Farm has visited 40 schools and inspired 65 student groups to start their own gardens in unexpected places.

Nau are also members of the Outdoor Industy Association's Eco Working Group (EWG), who this year released a beta version of their Eco Index, an environmental assessment tool designed to advance sustainability practices within the outdoor industry.

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