New Melissa Shoes Inspired In The Amazon + Brand Opening Store In NYC

Melissa Shoes Amazonista Collection Red Flats - Photo

Responsibly produced and vegan, Melissa shoes are also beautiful looking and always innovating, teaming up with designers such as Zaha Hadid, Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano for amazing new models. Their recently launched new collection Amazonista takes a look at colors and textures from the Brazilian forest, which you'll be able to find soon at a new store in the Soho area in New York City. More inside.Edson Matsuo, chief designer of Melissa, was in Buenos Aires for a conference organized by the Metropolitan Design Center last week.

During his presentation, he showed the brand's new collection, inspired (somehow) in the Amazon forest's colors, flowers, shapes and textures. This collection is also including a new model of the Vivienne Westwood collaboration with Melissa.

Melissa Shoes Amazonista Collection Vivienne Westwood Blue Pumps - Photo

Vivienne Westwood + Melissa's new pump.
Melissa Shoes Amazonista Collection Tan Sandal - Photo

The tan 'gladiator' sandal.

Matsuo also confirmed that plans have been approved for a new store in the Soho area in New York City.

Supposedly to open in February 2011, the store will be located at Greene St. between Prince and Spring, and its concept will have something to do with silence, time and the idea of a cocoon.

Melissa Shoes Amazonista Collection Blue Strappi Sandals - Photo

New strappi sandals from the collection.
Melissa Shoes Amazonista Collection Pink Flip Flops - Photo

Pink flip flops.

To find further information and previous collections of the brand, go to their website.

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