New Green Outdoor Fabrics from Toray

altIndustrial giant, Toray [1 and 2 ], of Japan, announced last month that they were launching a couple of new fabrics onto the outdoor apparel market. One was an eco version of their Entrant waterproof-breathable outerwear material. According to the press release, which is a bit hazy, Entrant E is "free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other solvents" considered nasty to us and the environment we inhabit. (In another news snippet we read that 98% of solvents were eliminated.) And in achieving this they did not compromise the wet weather performance of the product. Apparently it is such a breakthrough that 20 patents have been filed to protect the development. In a bit of a first, another thread out of the lab is a recycled nylon 6 fibre, known as Recyclon. One reports says it will be used in a fabric with 50% recycled content, while another had it down as 36%, and as best we could make out this was post-industrial content. But either way it is very significant, because nylon has been notoriously difficult to recycle, and virtually no commercial facilities, outside of some carpet firms, exist to process the stuff. Outdoor clothing company, Patagonia, is a long time client of Toray, so expect to see these materials turning up in their line this year. Via ::Apparel Mag.