New Green Fashion Website is a One Stop Shop for Fall Style Trends

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Samantha Pleet; Camilla Norrback. Photo: Label Gazer

I'll keep this one light and fun: it's Labor Day, after all.

Label Gazer is the of green fashion: it's a resource for consumers to browse designers and collections -- without added commentary -- and it's user friendly; according to Goodlifer, anyone can submit an item -- designers, store owners and consumers. And not only are there numerous photos -- after the jump, too -- but, Leigh tells us where we can purchase each accessory, shoe, and garment -- should browsing turn to buying. More photos, including 3 fall style trends for men and women:

The Seasonless LBD

green LBDs photo

STUDY 4 in 1 Dress; Titanie Inglis Tube Sleeve Dress. Photo: Label Gazer

The Chunky Heel


Where Fair Trade Footwear; Coclico Lilly Heel. Photo: Label Gazer

Structured Trench Coat & Tailored Tuxedo Jacket

black jacket fall trend

Thieves Organic Cotton Trench; Sosume Organic Wool Jacket. Photo: Label Gazer

Find all these items, including Samantha Pleet, Loomstate, Satara, Elroy, and more at Label Gazer and tell us what you think in the comments section, below.

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