New Earth Textiles by Lucia Cassa with Terratex Wool

New Earth from Lucia Cassa[1].jpg
The New Earth collection of residential upholstery textiles by Lucia Cassa for Mayer Fabrics incorporates the latest from mover and shaker Terratex, a division of Interface, which is entirely devoted to creating earth-friendly fabrics. The textiles are made from environmentally friendly, compostable wools and, like all Terratex textiles, is made from 100% recyclable or renewable material, manufactured using increasingly sustainable processes, made to meet or exceed industry standards for quality and performance, and recyclable or compostable at the end of it's useful life…Wool is a completely natural and renewable material and is also naturally flame-retardant and stain-repellant. With the right bacteria and fungi, it will convert into compost in 28 days. Because there are no harmful residues in Terratex wools from either the dying or finishing processes, the fabrics can be safely composted at the end of their life. (The most harmful substances--completely eliminated in Terratex wools--are heavy metals, because they never degrade in either runoff or after composting.)

Harvested from Kiwi sheep, Terratex wool is raised in an unpolluted environment where strict regulations enforce bio-degradable pesticide use. Additionally, several of the facilities where Terratex is processed use renewable energy sources and even capture and recycle heat from the drying process for reuse as energy to heat water for dying and scouring operations. The reuse of loose fibers and ends is used for animal bedding on local farms. Availalble through Contempo Designs, 214-742-8111. $69/yard ::Terratex [by MO]