New Clothes are So Old Hat


It's official darling, buying new clothes is so out of fashion. All the smartest women are trading names of dressmakers, dyers, shoemakers and cleaners. They are tweaking, pinning and reviving old clothes to make them look up to date. It's a reaction to the disposable fast fashion rage (and London Fashion Week?). The lifespan of a cheap garment is about six months--apparently charity shops are turning down these clothes because they don't survive more than three washes. Even Vivienne Westwood says: "I offer no choice but to ask for the end of indiscriminate consumption. If you have to choose something, save up and choose well."

How to do it...Change the buttons on your coat, add trim to a plain skirt, put a belt on a smock top or dye it black. Mix new with old, re-line old coats, take out the shoulder pads, take shoes to the shoemakers to be fixed up.


Or you can swap on-line. It’s a great way to recycle, stop spending so much, keep stylish and do your bit to save the planet. Whatsmineisyours was one of the first. More than 150 items are currently offered right now, you just register, add your dress size, shoe size and profile photo, then clean out your wardrobe, post your swap items, and let the fun begin.

Marks & Spencer has gotten into the act and is offering £5 vouchers in return for any of their clothing which is donated to Oxfam. So check out your closet, appreciate what you have already and stay away from the sales. :: Evening Standard

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