New Balance 100th Anniversary

New Balance running shoes are one hundred years old, and to mark their centenary they have designed three limited-edition pairs of shoes inspired by their three longest-term employees. The 577 (pictured) is dedicated to Audrey Stewart, who has worked in the stitching department for almost 25 years. The other two are named after loyal male employees: Victor Dixon who works as a "toe and side laster" and Ian Byers, who creates special football shoes. Their portraits and signatures will be featured on the insoles (gasp!) of each shoe and the packaging will tell their story. Only 1906 pairs will be made of each type. New Balance was set up in 1906 (get it?), with the British factory opening in 1982. New Balance are controversial as a green company. Although they claim to be ethical, the manufacturing sources for many of their shoes are questionable. To their credit, they don't have celebrities endorsing their shoes. They are interested in good fit, with sneakers available in 5 widths, and have produced vegan shoes. In Britain they are committed to domestic production--most of the trainers (British for running shoes) are handmade in their West Cumbrian factory--with no third-world sweatshops involved. Happy Birthday. :: New Balance