Nau (Well, Not Quite Now, Maybe Next Year)


'beauty, performance, sustainability.' Aside from company contact details, this is as much information as you'll get from the Nau Inc. website. But it could be a name worth remembering in 2007, when they are due to launch a line of 'technical outdoor sports apparel and lifestyle clothing.' From the little we can glean, it looks like they will be a retail based company, offering product that blends profitability and philanthropy. "We believe that a sustainable business has a fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders and a moral imperative to effect social and environmental change. And this is not just lip service. This belief is reflected in our mission statement, and it's written into the by laws of our business plan." Staff for this start-up business have been drawn from the likes of Nike, Patagonia and The Body Shop. Their motto is, "Do well by doing good." A credo that seems evident In recent job advertisements. Take, for example, the Product Integrity Manager. A curious title to begin with. The successful applicant will, alongside the usual business background, have experience with the principles and operation of social and environmental compliance auditing [for implementation in the factories they'll use], and exposure to the fundamentals of sustainability, as it relates to fabric and production. Sounds like one to watch. ::Nau Inc.