Nau Hear This: 30% For You, 10% For Positive Change

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Nau are at it again. Now you can get 30% of their woollen tops. But not only that for each wool purchase you make, they'll donate 10% of the sale to their Partners in Change. (Way up from their usual 2%, which is double the industry standard anyhow.)

So who is Nau? An eco-clothier who make well crafted apparel designed to be worn form the outdoors to the office. From the wilderness to the West End. From portages to parties. All wrapped in eco materials, backed by ethical practices. And these Partners in Change? That would be Ashoka, The Breakthrough, EcoTrust, Kiva and Mercy Corps. But hurry...

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... because the special offer only lasts until 6 December 2009. Just three days away. (Sorry that we're late in getting the word out to you.) Just make your selection online and remember to put the promo code GIVE in the correct box at checkout. You score the discount and the cool not-for-profit you select, gets their share as well. You'll get great threads and a organisations who assist folk less well-off gain extra funds to run really worthwhile programs.

It's a win all round.

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