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As we've alluded to in one or two prior posts Nau were planning to release some snug outdoor winter garments, made in part with recycled coconut waste. That time has arrived. It's now, you might say. The garment is known as the Insular Jacket and is available to both men and women.

Inside the seam sealed waterproof outer is a wadding of a recycled polyester/COCONA blend that's derived from coconut husks. The activated carbon of the coconut is combined with recycled polyester to provide an insulation that it is said "resists moisture, controls odors and provides a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than other synthetic insulation."

The Insular is not the only new arrow in Nau's winter quiver, though.

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They've also teemed their organic cotton knits with 12% yak fibre to add a soft, warm cashmere-like feel. (For even more yak in your tops try the brand Khunu)

Staying with the organic cotton meme for mo', guys have three new garments, a blazer, shirt and pants made with an outer of densely woven organic cotton, and lined in a soft and warm certified organic cotton flannel. This mini range is called Wax Off, in reference to the weather resistant, synthetic wax on the exterior cotton. The Wax Off pants are designed to accommodate cycling with a reinforced seat and articulated knees. Plus reflective tabs on the cuffs when you roll them up. (An idea we first spied three years ago on Cordarounds Bike to Work pants)

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Women have not been left out in the cold, however. Although not blessed with Wax Off garments, they do benefit from Nau pairing two of their signature designs: smartly fitting 850 loft down garments, and an unhealthy obsession with blazers -- Yep, A down blazer!

Some old favourites have been revisited on the pattern table. A rich blue has found its way into a select few items of outerwear. A bunch of other new timeless and subtle shades are scattered across the range. A new two layer hard shell jacket, the Refugio, joins the party.

Given Nau's dedication to the credo of Beauty, Performance and Sustainability it's odd that they are unable to trace the point of origin for their down or some of the wool used in their pea coats. But it is refreshing that at least they can declare this. That's healthy corporate transparency.

And it's healthy wallet or purse required to invest in Nau's clothing collection, but you'll be getting garments that perform as well in an alpine spindrift storm, as they do on a city commute. Two for the price of one. And they are incredibly well detailed and constructed. But, yes, admittedly beyond some budgets, unless you get lucky with the sales where some garments are 50% off.

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