Nau Eco Clothing Gets The Blues With Their Spring 09 Collection

Nau Spring 09 men blue photo

Not to suggest that Nau are feeling depressed at all, just that after sticking very tightly to a palette of earth tones, they have now infused their line with a variety of strong blue hues. And they also go for gold with a new ochre colour. Nau craft clothing only from high spec environmentally benign materials. Their styling strives to bridge the divide between active outdoor pursuits and urban life. All the while pushing the envelope of apparel design.

For example, this northern Spring they offer a three layer waterproof/breathable jacket in a stretchy knitted recycled polyester. And there are reversible shirts of super fine organic cotton -- wear stripes one day and a block colour the next (two shirts for the price of one.) Fine gauge merino wool knit is fashioned into polo shirts and skirts. While on skirts, one product that has my brow wrinkled: a waterproof/breathable skirt? In an above-the-knee length? Maybe if I was a woman I might fathom the need. More pix below.

Nau spring 09 women photo

nau spring 09 burn-foursome photo

Favourites from previous seasons have also returned, like the Courier and Lightbeam windshirts and the innovative Chrysalis dress/overshirt/vest, which this season comes in four colours. Oh, and the woven merino wool shorts and capris are back too.

Garments from the Fall/Winter line are still available -- at significant discounts.


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Photo credit: Nau

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