Natur + Co.


Unless I’m mistook, we’ve somehow managed to miss a post on Natur + Co during all this time. The German firm have been in the natural clothing business for ages. They specialise in eco-wool, linen (flax) and eco-cotton. (thought we note they have some Viscose pieces - viscose having generally quite ‘dirty’ production processes.) We are showing here their mainstay, a unisex eco-wool sweater (€70) and their new addition to range: Skirts made from a eco-cotton/linen mix (on special for €28). The company manages to derive 90% of their energy needs from coal-free and nuclear-free sources, with solar and wind being amongst the providers. Plus their plant has a vegie patch, so employees might be partially self-reliant. The products are pollution-free, with even the manufacturing wastes being compostable. Kids clothes, towels, menswear, womens wear, pajamas and more, all made to the same high standards. Their mission is to provide, with some fun and joy, locally made, meaningful, ecological consumer goods. ::Natur + Co