Museum of Natural Colors - Oasi San Benedetto Italy


Guests at Oasi San Benedetto are invited to participate in a number of activities, but the ecological guest ranch specializes in the history, production and use of natural dyes and offers a series of related courses. San Benedetto is home to the small but well curated Museo dei Colori Naturali where one can discover ancient and modern techniques for making dyes from herbs, flowers and other natural materials. You might imagine a charming collection of brown yarns and beige thread at such a place, but actually the palette includes lovely shades of pink, blue, red, green, yellow and so on. Both the natural dyes and some of the products colored with them are available through the website.

Courses provided by the museum cover natural methods for extracting color from plants, production of color dyes, and the proper methods for dying wool, silk and cotton with natural colors. In addition, San Benedetto offers a number of out doors activities like orienteering, bike excursions and hiking. Accommodations are comfortable and affordable at around 60 euro per person. Dining at San Benedetto is also a "colorful" experience as the menu of locally grown and/or wildcrafted ingredients is built upon the idea that healthful qualities are provided by the various colors in our food (red provides energy, yellow helps digestion, and violet aides circulation).