Muchachos Kids Blankets by Pendleton Mills

muchacos blankets by Pendleton.jpg
Pendleton is one of the few US based woolen mills that continues to source, operate, and distribute largely where they began. Somehow they've managed to hang on to their traditional niche markets, have kept a good chunk of their production here...we love "home sourced" clothing as much as we do locally produced food...and get about half their wool from US suppliers, some of whom are Native American. Reportedly, Pendleton added a line of organic woolens colored with natural dyes, aimed, as you might guess, at the commercial decor and furniture markets. A trend worth watching. Equally nice, Pendleton customers are no longer limited to the inventories at mall outlets. They're offering an online catalog store that takes orders directly. We recommend a look at the Indian blankets and the tradtional mens sport clothing. The "Muchachos" kid blankets shown here are 80% wool, 20% cotton. Oh, and before we forget, they've got some soft Merino blankets that don't irritate soft skin.One of our favorite winter fashion items for men is to wear a neatly pressed, long sleeved cotton button down dress shirt under a matching long sleeve woolen check shirt from Pendleton. It's the juxtaposition of back-again preppy with the old fashioned, out-doorsy thing that leaves people wondering just what kind of tree the wearer has been hugging.