Moseau Bamboo for Golfers

TH Tipster Connie thought we might be interested in this brand. She was cheating, of course. She must've known we go weak at the knees for most anything Bamboo. In fact, given that bamboo is really a grass, the thought has crossed our minds to rename the site: GrassHugger. (Of course using this marvellous and hugely versatile material keeps more trees growing tall thus appreciative of your metaphorical embrace.) The product? Oh, yeh, nearly forgot. Shirts and socks for golfers. The former having a 50% bamboo content and the later upping this to a massive 80%. Moseau chose the grass-based fibre for its breathability, antibacterial characteristics (news to us - always learning!) and the lightweight feel. Other stuff that was intriguing is ...... the claim that Bamboo is 2-3 degrees cooler than cotton or polyester, absorbs more perspiration yet apparently also dries faster than cotton. And it has natural UV protection. No wonder their little manta is "You won't believe until you see it (and feel it)." Now if we could just get a certain Tiger into some of this, Bamboo might get the profile it deserves. Improve your swing by visiting — ::Moseau