Morph Your Bra for the Environment


There was a time when going bra free was gaia-chic. Burning a bra was a political statement. But next time you see a braless woman, she may be just shopping. Triumph has introduced the "No! Shopping Bag Bra" in Japan. Made of ecopet fiber, a polyester which is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, the bra is inherently eco-friendly (now that's upcycling!) What makes this bra truly unique is its secret identity as a Bra Ranger (after the mighty morphing Power Rangers) which can be quickly converted into a shopping bag. One half of the shopping bag is folded into each bra cup, acting as a bit of padding when the bra is worn. When not performing its primary duties carrying one load or another, the bra sensitizes the public to the wastefulness of over 30 billion plastic shopping bags a year used in Japan.
Via ::Triumph Japan (Japanese only) and ::Pink Tentacle. Thanks to tipster Robin Edgerton!

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