More Patagonia Footwear Stepping Out


We previewed just some of Patagonia’s new footwear line the other day. The bulk of the range is not due for retail release until Spring 07. However, if you wander over to Track ‘n Trail you can see much more of both the Men’s and Women’s models. Prices look like they will range from $80 to $140 USD. Many have their uppers sewn to outsoles to reduce the use of solvents and adhesives. Other than the materials we previously mentioned the shoes, thongs and boots seem set to contain the likes of cork; jute; coconut; recycled nylon; recycled EVA foam and Poli-Cork, a blend of recycled polyurethane foam and cork. Amazon also have much the same models on offer. A tad confusing, when the Venturians themselves are saying, "as much as we want to lace a pair up and burn some recycled rubber today, Patagonia Footwear won't be available until March 2007." But have sneaker peek anyhow.