Monique Pean Turns Mammoth Bone Into Striking Sustainable Jewelry for Holiday Gifting

Monique Pean © Monique Pean

As you wait with baited breath for our annual Gift Guide for the Fashion Buff--don't worry, it's coming next month!--Monique Pean's collection of handmade sustainable fine jewelry for Fall/Winter 2012 offers exquisite pieces that you can add to your wish list now.

Pean uses 100% recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds, support fair trade and artisans, and gathers all materials following environmentally-responsible methods. The pieces are as sustainable as they are beautiful, so it's also no wonder that Michelle Obama is a fan of the wooly mammoth bone jewelry.

Monique Pean© Monique Pean

Monique Pean© Monique Pean

Monique Pean is known for her commitment to sustainability and her signature use of fossilized wooly mammoth ivory. Most notable from the Sut'ana collection, a reference to the words "black" and "blue" in Incan dialect, is a colorful one-of-a-kind necklace.

This piece of statement jewelry, pictured in the first image, boasts vivid amazonite complimented with olive grey sunburst fossilized walrus ivory, vivid blue fossilized woolly mammoth tooth root, white diamond plate necklace, and18K recycled oxidized white gold ($26,380).

Monique Pean© Monique Pean

The black and white fossilized woolly mammoth and hand carved scrimshaw necklace($8,030), pictured below, stand out. This bold jewelry merges color blocking and architectural elements aligned with Pean's inspiration for the season, which she elaborates on, below.

During my trip to Peru, I not only visited the amazing Nazca Lines and Macchu Picchu, but also spent time exploring the markets, tasting the food and embracing local traditions throughout the country. I was particularly struck by the dynamic color and modern sense of planar design that saturate the city of Cuzco.

Monique Pean© Monique Pean

Also memorable are the eye-catching cognac fossilized walrus ivory, opal, black jade with pyrite and white diamond earrings, pictured above, which are edgy, modern, and equally as chic ($21,750). For holiday delivery, start planning now: it requires 6-8 weeks to be made.

Monique Pean© Monique Pean

Monique Pean© Monique Pean

For this holiday season, you'll need to start saving your pennies--ahem, hundred dollar bills--now since they retail on the steep end. Or if you'd rather receive than give, send a loved one over to, where the entire collection can be conveniently ordered online.

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