Mohop Sandals - Perfect for the Shoe Lover


Because these shoes are so stylish and versatile, we can’t wait to get our feet into a pair this coming summer. Annie Mohaupt, designer and creator of Mohop, designs each of these beautiful wooden sandals by hand in her studio in Chicago. The sandals can go from casual to formal - and every look between - with the simple change of a ribbon. So, for those of us craving a pair of shoes to match every outfit, don’t fret, we need only one pair of Mohop sandals. Not only does this require far less resources for a large shoe wardrobe but it fits within our budget too. The sandals are constructed primarily of Finnish birch (a renewable resource) and recycled rubber tires, and are laminated with simple, environmentally friendly (but waterproof) wood glue. Mohaupt’s company is less than a year old, but she told us that her designs will soon be available in retail locations in New York, Chicago, Japan and New Zealand (with more to come). ::Mohop Shoes