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You know when you have your favourite pieces of clothing, the ones you wear until they wear out. Often they are individual one-offs which can’t be replaced and it’s always a sad moment when you realise that’s the end of its life. But on the other hand that kind of relationship with clothing is one to be appreciated and enjoyed, since in our age of disposable fashion it is rare that we attach ourselves sentimentally to our threads. Christa Davis makes these sorts of clothes and I know because I’ve been collecting her clothes for about 11 years now and each piece is a ‘favourite’. Some of course have worn through, but most are still with me. Her pieces are made even more special by the fact that most of them are on their second lives already having been made from recycled fabrics. Over the last few years my wardrobe has been suffering withdrawal symptoms from Christa’s clothes since she decided to take time out from the fashion business, but the very good news is that she has decided to return to the fold, as it were, and this month she will be holding a sale of her new collections in London.Christa Davis clothes are appreciated for their beautiful colours, interesting detailing and individual cut. They are a wonderful combination of very feminine and very stylish. They have a kind of modern vintage style because Christa uses nearly all second hand fabrics which are dyed and then transformed into beautiful contemporary clothes. She is well known for her second hand cashmere jumpers and cardigans which are often patched in contrasting colours at the elbows and sometimes under the arms too, giving them a whole new lease of life. It might be that it is easy to develop a connection to Christa’s clothes because, although they are new in some ways, they are old in others and you know each piece has had its own history before it arrived in your wardrobe. This subject of creating consumer / product relations is one that many eco-designers are looking to develop, as the more affection the consumer has for the object the more its lifespan is increased.

Christa Davis started out in 1992 by selling her creations on a small stall in Portabello Market in London, this is where I met her one Saturday afternoon as, like a magpie, I was drawn to the beautifully bright colours and pretty details of her clothes. I then watched as Christa became more and more successful, moving from the market to studio sales and then eventually to a very smart shop on the fashionable All Saints Road. It was with great sadness that her devoted clientele heard in 2001 that Christa had decided she wanted to take a break. Most of us returned resignedly to buying average clothes from the high street, many of which were copies of Christa’s originals. But just this week we learnt that Christa Davis is about to launch three new collections at a sale in London on November 26 and 27th. Baby Davis, Little Davis and Davis Vintage look like a brilliant return to form and I know many women and their kids are going to be very excited about developing relationships with some new items in their wardrobes. ::Christa Davis
Sale: November 26th + 27th, from 11am to 5 pm.
Coram´s Fields Guildhall, 93 Guilford Street, London, WC1N 1ND

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