Mion's Floodgate Takes Recycling In Its Stride


Two years ago when Mion footwear won an ecodesign award we described them as something "you might expect the Jetsons to wear on the weekends." And we wanted the company to be more overt in their green product design. With their new models they've taken that extra step, if you'll pardon the pun.

For example, their Flood Gate Sandal utilises partially recycled materials. These include a 15% recycled rubber outsole, a 20% recycled EVA midsole and 50% recycled PET (polyester) in the webbing straps. Mion reckon the sandal will perform equally as well fronting up for whitewater rapids, as it will for white knuckled University exams. Other products in the line have similarly employed recycled materials.

And as we've previously observed, the company continues to engage in other eco initiates like wind and solar energy, carbon neutral offsets and establishing their EcoMetrics label. Though a worthy effort we're not sure how many shoppers would find the information very useful in their purchasing decision process. :: Mion

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