Merrell Takes a World View to Get Us Outside

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Image: Merrell's Add Your Own Scenery

Merrell makes shoes for the outdoors (as well as some apparel and bags), so it seems fair and reasonable that their mission and marketing manta might be, "Let's Get Outside." To share this mission Merrell support a bunch of organisations that work to increase participation in the outdoors, especially among children, and those that protect natural playgrounds for kids-at-heart of all ages to recreate in.

The most recent campaign connected to this notion of getting folk outside has been to launch the Add Your Own Scenery project. People are encouraged to get outside, take photos of their favourite vistas, post them to a website, which compiles a 'round the world database of the outdoor world, which other can view. The plan is to create the world's largest panoramic photo. (Of sorts). For each photo shared Merrell is donating $1 to a raft of conservation groups, up to $250,000 USD. Plus happy snappers can pick up prizes and gear for their involvement.Craig Throne, vice president of global marketing at Merrell hopes the Add Your Own Scenery campaign creates, "a domino effect of shared outdoor inspiration, increased outdoor participation, all in a collective effort to protect our outdoor playgrounds."

Whereas Ed Chilcott, Creative Partner at The Minimart, the London-based creative agency who helped Merrel put the campaign together, see the end goal as developing an "unique, global view of the outdoor places in which we all love to play."

Another recent way, (amongst many) in which Merrell is supporting their goal of getting more of us outdoors is as a lead sponsor of Outdoor Nation, an endeavour to see higher youth participation in the big wide roofless world. Outdoor Nation is currently accepting applications for 18 to 25 year old attendees to their 2011 summer summits across the USA.

Of course, Merrell are working on the premise that when people do open the door and feel the wind in their hair and the sun on their face, they'll remember the brand of shoe that nudged them gently to do so. But we cannot fault the rallying cry of "Let's Get Outside." When we enjoy and appreciate nature we are more likely to understand it and work to protect it. And in doing so we protect ourselves.

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