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There are lots of eco-tees out there today, we'll admit it. The tees designed by Me to We clothing have improved on the design of most eco-tees in that they fit better because they are cut longer and larger than your standard organic tee. They fit a little lower on the waistline so you don't have to worry about sporting a muffin-top while trying to wear your conscience on your sleeve. The tees are all manufactured in Canada, sweat-shop free, and made with organic cotton, bamboo and recycled polyester. The designs are simple, with eco-messages, but still trendy.

Right now if you buy 3, you get one free. You can also find scarves, pants, hoodies, polos and long-sleeve tees, though by far the tshirts have the greatest variety of designs. Most of the tees have simple slogans like "Be the Change" or a cute tree tee with a needle and thread on the back of the shirt. When I first read the title, I wasn't sure if they meant wee (little) or we, but now I get it. The goal is to empower and consider people around the world through conscious consumerism, and they design clothes that not only promote environmental themes but they also give money back to improve lives around the world.

Corporations can also order wholesale or customized tees by contacting Me to We. Nonprofits, teams and other groups can also submit artwork to be printed on the tees with turnaround times of 2 to 7 weeks depending on materials and complexity of project.

The tees look better in person than online, as all of the colors are bright and inviting. Like most organic clothing, the tees are also very soft. The materials all come from Turkey, Pakistan and India and are sent to Canada where they are cut, dyed and manufactured. For the curious, Me to We has lots of information on their website outlining all aspects of product manufacture.

Like most eco-companies, Me to We also gives back by giving 50% of profits to Free the Children, which supports development projects throughout the world and was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize three times. One new item is the "This is My Heart" Tee which was designed by MTV's Jessi Cruickshank, an ambassador and member of Free the Children.

Me to We Tees have no relation with the We Campaign, though the logos and the messages of collective improvement are similar.

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