Marlow Goods offers farm-to-table purses

Marlow Goods
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Is fashion the next step for the farm-to-table trend? Brooklyn couple Kate Huling and Andrew Tarlow have created a line of handbags made with ultra local leather called Marlow Goods.

Tarlow is behind a number of locally-minded restaurants, including Roman’s, Diner and Marlow & Sons. The leather comes from the hides of the same animals that are served at these Brooklyn eateries, and were raised at Kinderhook Farm—just a few hours north of the city.

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“I don’t think we saw anyone else who was connecting restaurants and grass-fed meat and fashion,” Huling told Vogue. The bags feature clean lines, with classic and practical designs. They are hand-sewn in New York City, and produced in small batches.

A number of sustainable ideas that originally focused on food have already made their way into the fashion world. Organic foods have led to the rise of organic cottons and other fabrics, while “slow food” has served as inspiration for “slow fashion.” It seems that localvores would love local clothes too—straight from the farm.

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The small scale production and handmade craftsmanship do add up to a cost that’s on par with high-end designer purses. The bags sell for $560.00 to $725.00. Marlow Goods is currently available at a pop-up shop at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, and online.

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Marlow Goods offers farm-to-table purses
These designer bags from Brooklyn are made with local leather.

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