Malden Announce Recycled Polartec Underwear


Malden Mills, are makers of the cuddly soft, performance oriented Polartec fleece. They've suggested that, with the arrival of next northern hemisphere winter, they will bring to market a midweight grid-backed underwear fabric with 50% recycled content. And furthermore, they are at work on a 100% recycled option too. To get outdoor trade buyers excited, Malden will give away shirts made of the fabric at the upcoming OutDoor trade show in Germany, in late July. Will no doubt tie in well with Patagonia's underwear recycling program. Malden also advise they are getting into the wool market, while alluding to other renewable (read non-petroleum) fibre developments. "This is just the tip of the iceberg in our work with renewables ... we have even more exciting projects in the pipeline for 2007." ::Malden Polartec, via OutDoor.