Makepiece: Fashion from the Sheep Farm
Makepiece is inspired by its location in the Pennines, the mountainous part of England, an area that has been a wool and textile area for centuries. The designers continue this tradition by keeping their own sheep, (one of the 3 partners doubles as the shepherdess), buying yarn from British farms and spinning it within 20 miles of their studio. The knitwear is knitted locally or in nearby Nottingham, using traditional skills and supporting local communities. The company is working very hard to be sustainable and their ethical policy includes commitments such as: using natural yarns from sustainable farming, using undyed and natural dyed wool, low impact manufacturing, fair employment and working to be carbon neutral.

And what about the clothes? The sweaters are lacey and feminine, in lovely colours such as slate and blue/purple. They have now introduced a line of silk and hemp blouses. They use hemp, rather than cotton, because hemp needs less water to grow and is more prolific. On the skirts, made of hemp and tencel, they use binding that is made of vintage fabrics and the buttons are old, found in markets. Their clothes are named after towns in the area such as Bridestones and Callis (pictured). :: Makepiece Via :: London Fashion Week

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