Magical socks stay on baby and fit through adulthood

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Not only are they kick-off-proof, but these one-size-fits-all transformer socks grow with baby all the way to grown-up size.

It's the scourge of all parents – baby's kicked off sock(s). Along the city sidewalks of where I live in Brooklyn, the trail of sad orphaned socks dot the pavement like a trail of lost little puppies – it's just inevitable when the wee ones are pre-shoes but the feet require covering. As well as at home, socks are no match for the squirming, crawling appendages of a baby.

What to do? Ericka Chapman, knew this dilemma all too well and did what any fashion-designing entrepreneur would do: She created socks that would actually stay on. And in doing so she solved another problem as well – she made socks that grow with baby, to the point that even adults can wear them, obviating the need to buy new socks every three to six months. And thus, Socklings was born.

The socks start off as thigh-high sock-leggings for baby and end up as crew socks for grown ups. They are produced in the USA and are made of 80 percent combed cotton, with 16 percent nylon and 4 percent Lycra.

And if all of that wasn't good enough – Socklings is a "Buy One, Give One" company. For every pair purchased, they give a pair of Socklings to a child with disabilities, as per their mission:

Many children have conditions that cause them to need leg braces or to be in the hospital for extended periods; Rett Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Hip Dysplasia.. the list can go on and on. The medical devices, while crucial to assisting with each child's quality of life, can begin to chafe and pinch their skin. Socklings wants to help provide some extra comfort to protect those little legs and bring a smile to that little child's face by giving them something bright, colorful, and fun to cover both legs and feet. It just takes a small purchase to allow those dreams to become a reality.

See? Magical socks. I wish I had these when my teen girls were babies. But with these, I guess it's never too late! Visit the Socklings site to purchase, prices start at $18.

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