Made With Hands


They are young, hip, and sell their wares from market stalls. These hand-knit delights are the product of twin sisters who are dedicated to "creating simple hand-made pieces using only 100% natural fibres and nothing else." Their aesthetic is nouveau hippie with attitude. The rainbow coloured, hand-made felt placemats are a true throwback to the '60's. Their knitting is big and chunky, with scarves that wrap around and around the neck for a damp day and the adorable cosmetic bag (pictured) for the purse. The crotcheted hats look street enough for any guy, while the crotcheted headbands and mohair caps are charmingly naive for the girls. Some of the patterns are on-line and easy to make. They even have a pastel-coloured, knitted cover for your lap-top that will really surprise them at the office.

It's great to follow young eco-designers just starting out in their careers. This year, the sunday markets, and who knows, they may be in London Fashion Week in the future. :: made with hands Via :: Daily Candy

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