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Bronwyn Lowenthal has been knitting for years--we first met her at London Fashion Week where she had her vintage scarves and hand-knit sweaters and dresses on display. She makes use of traditional handicrafts--hand-knitting, crochet, hand-embroidery and hand-stitching in all of her pieces. Then she put out a book on knitting which was stylish and easy enough for beginners to take the leap. She has always delivered her orders by bicycle.

We are delighted to see that her small company and her ethical values have grown and developed. Now she uses only organic or recycled cotton yarns. Her signature caps are made from end of line fabric which would otherwise have been thrown away. She has introduced a range of Low Carbon Hand-knit accessories. These are made of yarn from UK reared animals; the yarn is water wheel spun and mailed to a a group of ‘granny home-knitters', who knit up her designs. As Lowenthal says: "It's more expensive but our customers are prepared to pay more to know that they're buying something that isn't ruining the environment."

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Much of the clothing is hand-knit in small villages in Eastern China. Lowenthal believes " By allowing the knitters to work from home we are helping to keep families together and preserve traditional village life."

The vintage scarves are from the UK and re-worked in London. She urges customers to hand wash all the woollen items because it is better for the garment and doesn't mean harmful chemicals are used. This is a real change from most labels which urge dry cleaning, mainly to protect themselves from customers' claims. ilovelowie
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