Love to Knit

We discovered Bronwyn Lowenthal's hand-knit berets and scarves at London Fashion Week. Made out of UK low carbon alpaca, they are cozy, warm and feminine--a good combo for a winter's day. As she says: ‘We spent a lot of time sourcing quality yarn from UK reared animals which is spun here and will be hand-knitted here. I am committing to delivering all London orders by bicycle from our Brixton studio in the spirit of the range.’ Knitting is her first love and now she has written a book on knitting--it has 25 products to make and wear, including bow gloves, lacy socks, streetsmart beanies, retro leg warmers and chunky scarfs. They offer a modern and stylish take on traditional accessories and are purposely made easy enough for beginners and novices to understand.

She has just begun to design dresses made of organic cotton, some with crotcheted sleeves, and matching crocheted beret, and scarf. The organic cotton range is made on knitting machines and is a mixture of very traditional designs and some pretty outrageous stuff too. There is a hot pink strapless dress that yearns to see the night life. Making use of colourful silk vintage scarves, she recycles them as bags and belts that would enliven any outfit. :: ilovelowie Via :: London Fashion Week

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