Lotus Organics ... and the Organic Clothing Blog


Lotus Organics is the commercial online shopfront for Shellie & Michael Lackman, via which they sell many of the brands we have showcased here on Treehugger. "All garments are made with certified organic cotton or hemp fabrics and use low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes." Which is all great, but maybe you want a little more depth with your eco-shopping. If so, then make yourself a cup of Revolution White Chai Organic Tea, grab some Ginger Cookies and settle down to read their informative Organic Clothing blog. Delve into the machinations of methyl bromides used to fumigate wooden shipping pallets that are then transport organic clothes internationally. Or skintex's microcapsules of retinol and chitosan (from shellfish) embedded into a pair of jeans to stimulate collagen production and reduce fat! Dive deeper to get up speed on Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, a very complete treatise on hemp, the underbelly of Tencel, how to care for an organic wool sweaters and so much more. ::The Organic Clothing Blog