Loomstate-Vans Shoes Have Arrived


We first found out about the Loomstate-Vans collaboration to make some super-TreeHugger shoes awhile back, but hadn't heard anything since, and have been wondering where they went. Turns out the softly-hyped line is alive and kicking and available for sale; don't look too close, but Graham Hill, TreeHugger's fearless leader, was sporting a pair during an interview for Current TV at SXSW a couple weeks back. They've got five different incarnations of the shoe -- two high-top, three slip-on -- all with Loomstate's signature branding and organic cotton. We're glad that you can now be outfitted head-to-toe with Loomstate's groovin' gear. So, which shoe are you? They're available at Revolve Clothing, via ::Product Dose.

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