Little Girl's Recycled Dresses Up for Auction

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What to do with a grandmother who keeps making beautiful dresses out of recycled and surplus fabrics for her newly-born granddaughter. Artist Kumiko Ishida made one, and then she made another and then she kept on sewing....

Soon she had made one hundred exquisite miniature dresses for her young granddaughter and the little girl was growing out of them as fast as her grand mother made them. She barely had time to wear most of them.

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The exquisite dresses were truly the handiwork of an artist--some had embroidery, others had ruffles, applique, buttons, and ribbons. Some were brightly coloured, others were pristine white, others were plaid or taffeta, with beautiful designs. Each one was individually named with a japanese name: masako, aiko, setsuko. The artist, Ishida, is originally from Tokyo; she worked in Germany and New York before moving to Los Angeles.

So what to do with all the little jewels of dresses? The grandmother and her daughter came up with an idea: auction them and give the money to a good cause. A gallery in Seattle has taken them on, putting the dresses on display and calling the show One Hundred Dresses. You can bid for your favourite on line and the money goes to the Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club and the Rainier Valley Food Bank, two Seattle organizations. It's all for a good cause and you get a wonderful, one-off, gift for a favourite little girl at the same time. One Hundred Dresses
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