Linda Loudermilk's New Fall 2005 Line

Linda Loudermilk's Fall 2005 Line
As reported previously in Treehugger, fashion designer Linda Loudermilk has turned to eco-inspiration with her "Luxury Eco" line. With her Fall 2005 she has looked to undersea creatures for inspiration, saying, "The simplicity of several silhouettes in the collection mirror the sleekness of a fish."

A pioneer in the ecologically-friendly couture design arena, Loudermilk uses innovative fabrics in her collection, including: Eco-Spun (a sheepskin-like fabric made from recycled soda bottles), Lenpur (made from wood pulp), soya (made from soybeans) and sasawashi (a mixture of kumazasa bamboo with rice paper).

The Fall 2005 collection also includes transformative designs that allow you to unzip pieces to create a different look within the same piece. Loudermilks says about this collection: "I design to hit people at a gut level; to capture the soul and raw beauty of people and nature. The garments in my fall collection inherently bring up our universal connectedness and our responsibility to take care of each other and the earth."
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